Making the Happiest Day of Your Life Happen – by Suzanne Heintz

I am in the middle of a full on anxiety attack as I pen this entry. Why so much stress? My wedding is in two weeks, and I don’t even have a Groom yet, he’s out for repairs. He’s a Mannequin, and his name is Chauncey.

It’s a different sort of wedding than the ones you’re used to attending. There’s a ceremony, a reception, a first dance, same as everyone else’s, but it’s also an experiment of epic proportions, and my career as a conceptual photographer depends on its success. So the stakes are high, and all of my ducks are defiantly NOT lining up in a row.

I’ve got a blivitt on my hands. What’s a blivitt? 10lbs of stuff in a 5lb Bag, with no time to get another bag. I guess this is typical of a Bride, but I’ve never been one before. After 20 years of attending other girls’ weddings, and rolling my eyes over how they seemed to be so hyperfocused on silly minutia, I have learned how uninformed I was.

Make no mistake about it, hosting a Wedding is like putting on a Broadway Musical. The wardrobe, the staging, the music, the choreography, the lines, the seating, the sheer number of people you need to pull it off, and let’s not even talk about the financing. It is a show, a dazzling parade of everything you ever wanted to be yours, all meticulously arranged to occur on cue, in a 10 hour day.

Who knew having the “best day of your life,” could be such a test of your metal? But really, can you manufacture the best day of your life? Is it something you can construct if you throw enough money at it? I wonder if we are getting so caught up in the Broadway Show, that we don’t have time to feel happy. As a photographer who shoots weddings, I’ve often been told, “I’m glad you caught that. I hardly remember anything that happened that day.” Is it the happiest day of your life if you can barely remember what happened?

What do you think? Are we so caught up in the image of happiness, the Show, to fully experience the emotions we so desperately want to feel?