The Playing House Project is the socially provocative brainchild of Conceptual Photographer, Suzanne Heintz. The mission is to raise awareness and start new discussions surrounding topics where cultural pressure meets the self. Here, multiple media streams come together to entertain, inform, and question the reasons behind the “shoulds, the oughtas, and the have tos” that have so many of us feeling like we’re never quite right as we are.

The Project sprang out of Heintz’s wildly popular photo series named, “Life One Removed,” in which she satirizes the idea of Conformity to a universally accepted way of life, Married Life. Heintz uses herself as a role-playing character, enacting the life intended for her in meticulously staged tableaux with an artificial family. In this way she challenges from within the cultural assumptions and fallacies she contests. Her work is designed to change the world with outrageous laughter, followed by quiet contemplation.

Now it has expanded to a series of shorts and a feature length documentary film, by the name of PLAYING HOUSE, as well as a book of the photos with commentary by Heintz. It goes beyond that with CONVERSATIONS, a platform for individuals to respond directly to the questions posed by the project, as a means of confronting and sharing internal struggles brought about by external pressures of culture. THE PLAYING HOUSE PROJECT is an arena, a place to give and receive, to interact with those wishing to drive social development, and be the leading edge of it.

What’s the point? CHANGE. To change the misperceptions and feelings which trap us in feeling less than, insufficient, dissatisfied with the state of our lives, and desperately grasping for things out of our reach to fix it.

If you’re interested in a paradigm shift, you’ve come to the right place.